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Want to watch some live theatre in the comfort of your own home?


Well you’ve come to the right place!


Presenting BURP! Bundaberg’s Unique Relaxed Performances!

We had such a wonderful response to our September BURPS! we will be presenting more BURPS! in 2020

Live-streaming on:


  • Thursday 24 December

    from 7:25pm on our Facebook pagefeaturing some of Bundaberg’s most talented performers! 


    Find out more & watch past BURPs


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    Relaxed Fridays Are Back logo
    Here’s some FAQ’s about the live stream and how to make sure you get the most out of BURP!
    How to watch the BURP live-streamed performances
    The Playhouse Theatre’s Facebook page! The stream will go live at 7:25pm for a 7:30pm start! Jump on, join in, ask questions and interact with us!
    What should I watch it on?
    The bigger the screen, the better! As we’ll be streaming in HD if you can watch it on your TV it will enhance your overall experience and you’ll also have better sound quality!  If you can’t put the stream on your TV and have a computer or laptop, that’s the next best option! If you’re watching by yourself, chuck some good headphones/earphones in or if you’re in a group, connect it up to some speakers! If you’re using a phone or tablet, also connect it to a good pair of speakers or use headphones/earphones for the best viewing experience!
    Why is it pixelated, blurry, laggy, etc?
    It’s probably your internet! Try and connect to the best internet you have, if you know your phone internet is quicker, use that!
    Does it cost anything to watch?
    No! It’s free! But, there will be a PayPal donation link, so you can donate to us to help us out and keep us running! We hope to be able to invest in more live-streaming equipment if we have to continue this!
    What’s the best show/night to tune in?
    Every Friday night in September!
    If you have any other questions, comments, queries or concerns, please leave a message on our Facebook page.
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