Cast Announcement

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Cast Announcement


Maggie - Sherry Barnes
Arthur - Chris Dittman
Robert - Phil Fresta
Liz - Traci Thornton
Anita - Meg Eliason
Monica - Trish Mears
Steve - Ian Whiteley
Male Voice - Des Gellert


Congratulations to the successful auditionees!



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Playhouse Fund Raiser

Bundaberg Monopoly Game and Top Trumps card game Bundaberg Monopoly Game and Top Trumps card game

Have you got the fabulous Bundaberg Monopoly Game and Top Trumps card game, featuring the Playhouse Theatre yet?

$72 (to celebrate 72 years of local theatre) will get you both games and funds will go towards the upgrade of our theatre seating and lighting box.

Purchase from the Playhouse Theatre Box Office!

Every Sunday morning, 11am to 12noon



The Addams Family Musical costumes and props for sale

After a very successful production we have decided to sell a number of props and costumes specifically made for 'The ADDAMS FAMILY Musical', so that other companies may benefit from our many hours of work. 

Items for sale:

  • Over 50 Costumes
  • Fester's Pram
  • UV Reflective Moon
  • Fester's Jet Pack
  • Heretic's Chair
  • 10 x Double Sided Trees
  • and other assorted props
  • View 'The ADDAMS FAMILY Musical' - Items for Sale

    For more information, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

    For more photos of our Production, please visit our Photo Gallery





    of Country   

    We acknowledge that the land that we gather and perform on is the traditional country and homelands of the Taribelang Bunda, Gooreng Gooreng, Gurang, and Bailai Peoples of the Bundaberg region.


    We acknowledge they have walked, cared for, sung, told stories and danced on this land for thousands of years. We acknowledge and respect their spiritual relationship, cultural heritage, beliefs and connection to this land, and it is still important to their descendants of today.


    We acknowledge the Elders, those here today and those who have passed back into the great dreaming.


    Life Members PDF Print E-mail

    Life Members


    Life Membership cannot be purchased nor is it automatically given, but is awarded to certain members who have shown dedication and loyalty.

    To be considered for Life Membership, you must have been an active Senior Member for a minimum of ten years and held a position of office.

    Life Membership is awarded to a member by the committee usually at the Annual General Meeting.


    Mrs Helen Cattermull

    Helen Cattermull

     At the AGM held on 17th February 1969, Helen Cattermull was elected the Player's First Life Member.

    Mr William Millar

    William Millar

    Invested - 26th Feb 1975

    Mrs Agnes Baker M.B.E.

    Agnes Baker M B E

    Invested - 26th Feb 1975

    Mr JH (Skipper) Cattermull

    Mr J H Skipper Cattermull

    Invested - 26th Feb 1975


    Mr John Baird

    John Baird

    Invested - 26th Feb 1975

    Mr Gordon Dick O.A.M.

    Mr Gordon Dick O A M

    Invested - 27th Feb 1978

    Mr Ronald WJ HalpinMr Ronald W J Halpin

     Invested - 3rd Mar 1980

    Mrs Shirley Halpin

    Mrs Shirley Halpin

    Invested -  3rd Mar 1980

    Mrs Dell Richter

    Mrs Dell Richter

    Invested -  3rd Mar 1980

    Mrs Jean Axam

    Jean Axam

    Invested -  22nd Feb 1988

    Mrs Heather Galley

    Mrs Heather Galley

    Invested -  22nd Feb 1988

    Mrs Jean Limpus

    Jean Limpus

    Invested -  22nd Feb 1988

    Mr Clive Toohey

    Mr Clive Toohey

    Invested -  22nd Feb 1988

    Mrs Delia Vichie

    Mrs Delia Vichie

    Invested -  22nd Feb 1988

    Mr Bill Davis

    Bill Davis

    Invested - 25th Feb 1991


    Mr Clem Steggink

    Clem Steggink

    Invested -  25th Feb 1991


    Mr Nigel Dick

    Nigel Dick

    Invested - 12th Feb 1993

    Mrs Maureen Dye

    Maureen Dye

    Invested - 9th Feb 2001

    Mrs Nell Cameron

    Nell Cameron

    Invested - 14th Feb 2003

    Mrs Estelle Dick

    Estelle Dick

    Invested - 14th Feb 2003

    Mr Bob Weaver

    Bob Weaver

    Invested - 14th Feb 2003

    Mrs Judith Hayhoe

    Judith Hayhoe

    Invested - 13th Feb 2009

    Mrs Leanne Hutchings

    Leanne Hutchings

    Invested - 13th Feb 2009

    Miss Rebecca Hutchins

    Rebecca Hutchins

    Invested - 13th Feb 2009

    Mr George Bavinton

    George Bavinton

    Invested - 12th Feb 2010


    Miss Kim Dick

    Kim Dick

    Invested - 12th Feb 2010

    Mr Bob Adams

    Bob Adams

    Invested - 17th Feb 2012

    Mrs Karen Harris

    Karen Harris

    Invested - 2014

    Mrs Lyn Greer

    Lyn Greer

    Invested - 2015


    Mr Christopher Arnold

    Christopher Arnold

    Invested - 2017

    Mrs Rhonda Cutmore

    Rhonda Cutmore

    Invested - 2017

    Mr Phillip Fresta

    Phillip Fresta

    Invested - 2017

    Mrs Philippa Williams

    Philippa Williams

    Invested - 2017

    Mrs Belinda Arnold

    Belinda Arnold

    Invested - 2018


    Miss Tracie Faithfull

    Tracie Faithfull

    Invested - 2018

    Mr Ken Peterson

    Ken Peterson

    Invested - 2018

    Mr Richard Williams

    Richard Williams

    Invested - 2018

    Mrs Mary Dudman

    Mary Dudman

    Invested - 2021

    Mrs Lyndall Pratt

    Lyndall Pratt

    Invested - 2021

    Mrs Sherry Barnes

    Sherry Barnes

    Invested - 2022

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