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Information Night
  • TUE 25MAY21 at 7:30pm
  • Audition
  • TUE 8JUN21 at 7:00pm

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    Information Night  
  • WED 21JUL21 at 7:30pm
  • Audition
  • WED 4AUG21 at 1:00pm

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    Information Night  
  • WED 22SEP21 at 7:30pm
  • Audition
  • SAT 2OCT at 1:00pm

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    The Bundaberg Regional Council Community Services Program provided $4,070 to Bundaberg Players Incorporated for the purchase of Microphones and Cabling to improve the quality of sound in our Playhouse Theatre and for our online productions.

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    Photo Gallery - "Dark Side Of The Moon" (1999) PDF Print E-mail

    "Dark Side Of The Moon"



    Directed by Phillip Fresta

    "It's a challenge but I'm happy if i have a piece of music in front of me." said Aunty Jean Limpus, our music co ordinator, rehearsing her first onstage role after 30 years with Players. Playing hymns as "Widder Woman" Greeny Gorman the church organist, she said after many years speaking correctly she found the hillbilly accent difficult. "I have 3 in Act One and two in Act two and I know them already."

    News Mail reviewer wrote "it is not everyone's cup of tea unless they like their tea hot, steaming vapour on top clogging the senses, a little murky and without sugar."


    Set high in hillbilly country, a dark period piece full of metaphysical sub-context; entertaining despite its tendency towards the darker side of human nature. It shows human frailties and tragedies of wrong actions. "a love story with a difference" said Phillip (who repeated a role he played in a Sydney professional production)

    Jason Sharland played lovestruck John Human, a warlock who longs to be a mortal with Rod Ainsworth as fire and brimstone Preacher Haggler in the bible-thumping rural mountain community of Buck Creek.

    Others in the cast included Amanda Harrold, Tricia Garson, Maureen Dye, Sundruhn Willert, Shirley Halpin, with "newcomer Raymond Sinnamon as a fresh-faced Smelicur Jed."



    BACK ROW (L to R): Michelle Ridge, Sundruhn Willert, Ben Spargo, Scott Patzwald, Clifford Williams, Raymond Sinnamon, ?, ?, Maureen Dye, Phillip Fresta

    MIDDLE ROW (L to R): Aunty Jean Limpus, Tricia Garson, ?, ?, Shirley Halpin, Rosie Hicks

    FRONT ROW (L to R): ?,  Amanda Harrold, Jason Sharland, ?


    BACK ROW (Lto R): Maureen Dye, ?, ?

    MiIDDLE ROW (L to R): Phillip Fresta, Tricia Garson,?, Jason Sharland

    FRONT: Amanda Harrold

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