Photo Gallery - SHOCK! (July 2008)
The Cast of SHOCK!


 The Cast... 


   Ann Marsh ... Bec Hutchins


   Jenny Rayner ... Linda Elliott


    Terry Dexter ... Charles Limpus


    Andy Flewin ... Jack McGovern


    Steve Turner ... Paul Burrell


    Peter Rayner ... Luke Scotney


   Maggie Miller ... Faye Lindsay



   note: for the 18th July performance

   the role of Andy Flewin was played

   by Raymond Sinnamon



Ann Marsh (Bec Hutchins)Jenny Rayner (Linda Elliott)
Ann & Jenny discussing MaggieTerry Dexter (Charles Limpus)
Terry meets JennyTerry, Ann & Jenny
Andy Flewin (Jack McGovern)Andy enjoys shocking everyone with his painting of Maggie
Peter Rayner (Luke Scotney)Peter trying to calm his wife, Jenny
Ann doesn't seem at all impressed with the budding artist, Andy FlewinJenny & Andy (Linda Elliott & Jack McGovern)
Ann is distraught after hearing the tape recordingSteve desecnds stairs ... but who's blood is it?
Steve Turner (Paul Burrell)Maggie Miller (Faye Lindsay)
Terry & Ann discover blood on the Samurai swordsJenny threatens Ann
Ann becomes suspicious (Bec Hutchins)Jenny becomes unhinged (Linda Elliott)
Terry acts suspisciously (Charles Limpus)Peter tries to explain where he has been (Luke Scotney)
Terry, Jenny & Ann upset over what has happenedAnn comforts Jenny
Terry & a frightened AnnTerry comforts a distraught Ann
I don't remember...Curtain Call


Bundaberg Newsmail review 17JUL08


 Review which appeared in the Bundaberg Newsmail

17 JULY 2008


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