Photo Gallery - "The Family"(1997)



  The Family cast photo Doug Melvin Tricia Garson Jean Knight and Amy Bent  

Directed by Robyn Edgar

Writer Jill Shearer from QTC was in the visitors’ gallery during the infamous Fitzgerald Inquiry about police corruption, and explored the dilemma of a policewoman married to a policeman, deciding whether to investigate her police sergeant father.


Tricia Garson played "Sarah" of Internal Investigations who uncovers a murder case implicating her father (Doug Melvin). Amy-Lee Bent was the young cello-playing sister with Jean Knight the mother.


Smaller roles went to Ron Halpin, Charlie Clough (playing Sarah’s husband) and Judy Hayhoe singing Cry Me A River.


The author Jill Shearer was the only Australian female writer to have a show on Broadway, the controversial "Shimada" (1992) about Japanese war atrocities.



BACK ROW: Doug Melvin

FRONT ROW (L to R): Tricia Garson, Jean Knight, Amy Bent

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