Bringing You Relaxed Fridays...BURP!
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Whilst we are waiting to start our 2020 scheduled programme, we are proud and excited to make your Friday Nights a little more COLOURFUL.
After four successful Fridays in September, there will now be three more BURPs – Friday 23 October, Friday 27 November and a very special Christmas eve presentation on Thursday 24 December.  We will be performing to a minimal audience within the COVID-19 guidelines and streaming a performance that includes, short plays, skits, mime and song. Each Friday Night will offer something different. 
Performance with a “script in hand” is not a new concept for the Playhouse, but streaming a performance is.  These relaxed performances have affectionately been dubbed as BURP! Bundaberg’s Unique Relaxed Performances, and they certainly will live up to their name. 
BURP! Allows both seasoned and green actors a chance to develop their skills as we make the most of the current COVID-19 situation. 
We hope you appreciate the effort, and understand that these performance are not our usual style, but rather something to help you (and us) through until we can perform like we normally do.
Let’s hope we have no technical issues with the streaming, and if we do we will have more Fridays to try and get it right. Your patience and support is greatly appreciated.
During the course of the evening, short Q & A sessions will occur where you can ask any theatre related question, we will do our best to answer these for you. If you are not an audience member you can post a question on our Facebook link and we hope to answer as many questions as time allows.
If you’d like to be part of the audience, you need to be a subscriber or friends with a subscriber, otherwise your option is to watch from the comfort of your home. Just call the Playhouse on 07 4153 1904 and leave us a message and we’ll get back to you, alternatively you can pop in to the theatre on Sunday between 10am – 12pm.
Hoping you thoroughly enjoy the next few weeks. #bundyBURP!
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Best regards
Bex Hutchins
Artistic Director 

This Friday (27th NOV) Line up will be:


1. LOVE IN A PANDEMIC Part 2 - A play by Trish Mears. Starring Alison Esposito and Ray Sinnamon.


2. ROSES - A play directed by Brayden Rewald. Starring Trish Mears and Sherry Barnes.


3. Contemporary vocal performance by Matt Stark.


4. Musical theatre by Brayden Rewald


5. Musical theatre by Tim Greig




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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 01 December 2020 )