Photo Gallery - "Move Over Mrs Markham" (1996)

Move Over Mrs Markham


  phil baker sherry barnes nigel dick gerrard caesar lyn greer  


 We certainly love a Ray Cooney comedy, or is it farce?

 Sometimes collaborating with writer John Chapman, Cooney said "When does comedy turn into farce? I'm not searching for a "comedy plot" or "funny storyline"; I'm searching for a potential tragedy. Farce is comedy highly exaggerated, extravagantly improbable, even tragic."

We've done 'Run For Your Wife", Chase Me Comrade, There Goes The Bride, (with Not Now Darling and this one, 3 times!)


BACK ROW (L to R):  Phil Baker, Sherry Barnes, Nigel Dick

FRONT ROW (L to R):  Gerrard Caesar, Lyn Greer



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Nigel Dick, Phil Baker, Lyn Greer, Phillip Fresta, Gerrard Caesar


Gerrard Caesar, Anita Reilly and Nigel Dick

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