3) APR 2021 - 'Beyond The Neck' (EXTRA to the Subscription)



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 April 23 & 24 at 7:30pm

ALL Tickets $10

Book from Monday 12th April at Oodies Cafe - 7 Kolan Street North Bundaberg


A Dinner menu will be available from 5pm prior to each performance 



An old man falls into his wife’s arms and cries. A young mother drops a pile of washing on the floor. A teenage girl as a child tells her mother the news. A boy walks home in silence. He feels the blood run down his cheek. The four strangers, bound by a shared moment - the Port Arthur Massacre. Twenty-four years on and the aftershocks of the event still ripple. Based on in-depth interviews, Beyond the Neck is set ten years after the event and deals with the grief and recovery of the 1996 tragedy.


A script-in-hand production giving us a glimpse of the Port Arthur massacre.


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