Photo Gallery - "Something To Hide" (1968)

'Something To Hide' 

1968 - August 5 to 8 


  Something To Hide cast Ian Rehbein_Dr John Hamilton_and Pat Faircloth 

Ian Rehbein, Dr John Hamilton and Pat Faircloth


Something To Hide was directed by Arch Robb. It was a mystery thriller set in the English country house of novelist Howard Holt (Ian) wife Karen (Pat) and his mistress Julia (Mary Hunter) who is "accidentally" killed in a car accident; blackmail, another murder, web of lies, a bumbling yet astute Det. Inspector, and fantastic shocking twist at the end. Apparently the curtain opened with Ian and Mary in the middle of a passionate kiss.

 program cover and back 
 program inside 

Newsmail clipping

Newsmail clipping

 Newsmail clipping 
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