Photo Gallery - "Chase Me Comrade" (1977)

"Chase Me Comrade"



Directed by Alan Cooke


One of the many Ray Cooney farces performed at the Playhouse over the years.


 The movie, 'Not Now Comrade', was based on this play.

Cooney said the idea was inspired by Rudolph Nureyev - it's about Petrovyan, a Russian ballet dancer who defects to the West.

Played by Greg Toohey, he enlists the help of fellow dancer Alicia (Sherry Barnes) and takes refuge in the home of her best friend Nancy (Lyn Greer) whose father just happens to be a British Navy Intelligence Commander. 



(L to R): Ron Halpin, Greg Toohey, Sherry (Cherry) Barnes, Ian Murdoch & Lyn (Magee) Greer

the cast of chase me comrade rehearsing in 1977

The Cast rehearsing


Newsmail clipping

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