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Photo Gallery - 'The Pirates of Penzance' (1989) PDF Print E-mail

'The Pirates of Penzance'

1989 - May 24,25,26,28,31 & June 1,2,3


  Anthonie Meerman and Nigel Dick  

Anthonie Meerman (Frederic) & Nigel Dick (The Pirate King)

  Sandy and Nigel  

Sandra Banks (Edith) & Nigel Dick (The Pirate King)

  John Terry Paul Graham Dell Debbie Rhonda  

The Policemen - Back (L to R): John Hayes, Terry Holm, Paul Caesar, Graham Lister, Dell Richter,

Front (L to R): Debbie Cane, Rhonda Hall

  Greg and Nigel  

Greg Johnson (Major General) & Nigel Dick (The Pirate King)

  Pirates of Penzance Cast  

The Cast

  Pirates of Penzance Cast  

The Cast

  Greg and the ladies of the cast  

The Ladies and Greg Johnson (Major General)

  Anthonie Meerman as Frederic and Nigel Dick as The Pirate King  

FRONT - Nigel Dick (The Pirate King) & Anthonie Meerman Frederic)

  Program cover and back  
  Program pages one and two  
  Program pages three and four  
  Program pages five and six  
  Newsmail clipping  
  Newsmail clipping  
  Newsmail clipping  

Newsmail clipping

Newsmail clipping

  Newsmail clipping  
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