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Monday 5th December 2022

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Wednesday 7th December 2022

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The Bundaberg Regional Council Community Services Program provided $4,070 to Bundaberg Players Incorporated for the purchase of Microphones and Cabling to improve the quality of sound in our Playhouse Theatre and for our online productions.

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Photo Gallery - "Dead Man's Hand" (1996) PDF Print E-mail

"Dead Man's Hand"



Directed by Maureen Dye

At first it seems like a typical Agatha Christie mystery - men and women lured to an Italian villa to be murdered one by one.

Only when it's well advanced, do we learn that we are watching a "play within a play" as actors rehearse a murder mystery, only to find themselves killed off one by one, in the same manner as the characters they are playing.

Who is doing this, and why? Twists and turns begin to tease the audience and an intriguing final shock unravels the whole reason for the charade; yet even this ploy is not what it first appears.

Cast: Nigel Dick, Graham Lister, Christine Wilson, Anita Reilly, Gerard Caesar, Jodie Appleby.


  anita reiilly, gerrard ceasar, jodie appleby, nigel dick and christine wilson  

 (L to R): Anita Reilly, Gerard Caesar, Jodie ApplebyNigel Dick and Christine Wilson

 nigel dick, christine wilson, anita reilly and graham lister   

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