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Photo Gallery - "Aladdin" (1971) PDF Print E-mail



Aladdin 1971 cast photo

The Cast


The 1971 production of ALADDIN was directed by Kip Theodore (in front, on the floor leaning on Panda (Pat Faircloth, we think). Others identified: Peter Rehbein and Lyn Greer, both seated in second row; Ron Halpin, Maureen Dye, and Prompt - Sherry Barnes ( beside the front half of the Camel) The production was originally planned for the 1970 pantomime, but postponed due to flooding, with roads cut off and some cast unable to get there. It was eventually presented in the 1971 New Year in sweltering conditions, with the roller doors backstage wide open. In one scene, Dame (Geoff Snell) gave a huge pram an almighty shove to go flying across the stage, and fly it did - sailing right through the open roller door on the other side. (we don't believe anyone was in the pram at the time)

Aladdin 1971 Ron Halpin and Peter Rehbein

Ron Halpin and Peter Rehbein


Aladdin cast John Stoutley Peg Danaher and Peter Rehbein visiting an elderly patient at the Base Hospital

John Stoutley as the Emporer and Peg Danaher as the Empress of China, along with Peter Rehbein as Magician Abanazar from Aladdin 1971, visiting a patient at the Bundaberg base Hospital


Panto cast members used to visit patients at the Base Hospital - some of whom looked rather bewildered to see us, when you're feeling sick and suddenly see these peculiar colourful characters at your bedside, you could wonder what medication you'd been given.

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